A new look for MONOGRAM

After last April’s meeting in Aberystwyth the Steering Group agreed that we needed to revitalize the MONOGRAM website. We sent a short survey to the monogram community and obtained pretty clear responses: you wanted a website which was (a) easier to navigate and (b) that had more updated, relevant and challenging content. Based on these and other comments, and after a few team brainstorms, Nathalie put together a new look and layout for MONOGRAM. The new website includes five areas:


  • Resources: a list of the different websites people are using, organized into general areas.
  • News: a platform for MONOGRAM and plant sciences related news and vacancies in your field of research.
  • Events: links to upcoming MONOGRAM meetings, workshops and conferences relevant to grass and grain research.
  • Stories: monthly updated content highlighting issues affecting the community through invited blogs and commentaries.
  • About: general information on MONOGRAM and its contributors.

The frequent blogs from people within the community will open up more discussions and provide a good reason to visit the MONOGRAM website more often. We have coerced some budding bloggers at first, but we really hope that people will provide opinions or create discussion on topic of interest through this interface. Each story has its own discussion thread.

Nathalie has also set up a twitter account for MONOGRAM (@monogramUK). To be perfectly honest, I did not think twitter was too useful for academics. However, having used it over the past six months I can testify that it really allows you to quickly access relevant information (papers, new markers, commentaries, presentations, etc.) which would have been very difficult to find otherwise. I encourage people to have a look at the Monogram twitter account (https://twitter.com/MonogramUK or in the News section) and to follow it.

There are several ways to contribute: tweet, comment on a story, email the distribution list, become a formal contributor by registering on the webpage (bottom left hand side in all screens) or even email webmaster@monogram.ac.uk.

Last but not least, on behalf of the community I wanted to thank Nathalie for her incredible work on the webpage and her constant enthusiasm to get this off the ground!

We would be delighted to receive feedback on the new layout and design.

  • How can we improve it?
  • What did we miss?
  • What other sections would you like to see?

Nice opportunity to use this comment forms!


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