4th UK Cereal Genetics and Genomics Workshop

NIAB, Cambridge, 14 - 16 March 2007

Programme and Presentations:

Wednesday, 14th March 2007

Director’s Welcome Prof. Wayne Powell

Round table discussion Community tools and resources needs and the role of MONOGRAM
Moderators: Tina Barsby (MONOGRAM), Keith Edwards (University of Bristol)

Thursday, 15th March 2007

Cross-cutting talk Robbie Waugh, SCRI; Nils Stein, IPK: Barley genomics on the move - from gene isolation to genome sequencing

Session 1: Host-Pathogen Interactions Chair: Kim Hammond-Kosack

Beat Keller, Institute of Botany, University of Zuerich. Molecular basis and evolution of wheat disease resistance against powdery mildew
Ann Osbourn, JIC. A gene cluster in oat confers resistance to take-all and other soil-borne diseases
Kostya Kanyuka, RRes. Barley eIF4E recessive resistance genes to soil borne mosaic viruses
Christophe Lacomme, SCRI. Virus induced gene silencing: mechanisms and applications for the functional characterization of genes associated to pathogen resistance and susceptibility
James Brown , JIC: Improving the use of genes for Septoria resistance in wheat varieties
Hai-Chun Jing, RRes. Triticum monococcum as a reference species for wheat genetics and genomics
Donal O’Sullivan NIAB. Genetics and Genealogy of resistance to SBCMV in UK wheat germplasm
Ruth Gordon-Weeks, RRes. The role of the hydroxamic acid pathway in aphid resistance in wheat

Session 2: Quality and End Use Chair: Andy Phillips

Daryl Mares, Waite Institute, Adelaide, Australia. Re-designing wheat quality: colourful noodles and overcoming the PHS/PMA syndrome
John Doonan, JIC. Visualising gene expression during wheat grain development
Stuart Swanston, SCRI. Barley for brewing
Iain Donnison, IGER. Quality traits of energy grasses
Rowan Mitchell, RRes. Transcriptome profiling of wheat genotypes differing in bread baking quality under different environments
Claire Halpin, Dundee. Understanding and manipulating lignin biosynthesis in barley
Jackie Freeman, RRes. Using cell lineage tagging to decipher early differentiation and development in wheat endosperm

Poster Session

Friday, 16th March 2007

Session 3: Resource Use Efficiency Chair: John Foulkes
Jacques LeGouis, INRA, France. Genetic determinism of tolerance to N deficiency in wheat
Bill Thomas, SCRI. Mapping Adaptation of Barley to Drought Environments (MABDE)
Malcolm Hawkesford, RRes. Nitrogen Use Efficiency and resource allocation in wheat
Keith Edwards, Bristol. High Throughput in Wheat Using Mapped SNPs
Erik Murchie, Nottingham. Improving Radiation Use Efficiency in tropical rice
Adam Price, Aberdeen. Candidate genes for a root growth QTL in rice: A bioinformatics and Transcriptomics approach
Molla Addisu-Delelle, Reading. Performance of near-isogenic lines of cv. Mercia differing in dwarfing genes in contrasting production systems
Session 4: Flowering and Adaptation Chair: Gordon Simpson

Alex Webb, Cambridge: Circadian regulation of physiology
David Laurie, JIC: Genes controlling photoperiod response in barley and wheat
James Cockram, NIAB. Patterns and mechanisms of variation at the Vrn-H1 locus in barley
Ian Armstead, IGER. Understanding the genetic basis of flowering and fertility in the ryegrasses (Lolium< spp.)
Huw Jones, NIAB. Diversity of the photoperiod response gene in European barley – evidence for the origin of an adaptive trait