3rd UK Cereal Genetics and Genomics Workshop

John Innes Centre, Norwich, 6-7 April 2006

FParticipant feedback from the workshop

Programme and Presentations:

Thursday, 6th April

Welcome and Introduction John Snape (Local Organizer), Chris Lamb (Director JIC), Peter Shewry (Chair, Coordinating Committee)

Session 1 Breeders Perspectives Chair: Peter Shewry

Steve Baenziger, University of Nebraska, USA. Where's the "Omics" In Plant Breeding: An American Perspective
Peter Jack, RAGT, Cambridge. Public – private wheat breeding linkages in UK – successes, failures and opportunities
Andy Greenland, NIAB, Cambridge. Pre-breeding activities at NIAB
Peter Sharp, Plant Breeding Institute, University of Sydney, Australia. DArT: progress in high-throughput mapping in barley and especially wheat

Session 2 Association Gentics & Mapping Chair: Donal O'Sullivan

Mark Sorrells, Cornell University, USA. Association Genetics as a Breeding Strategy
Donal O’Sullivan, NIAB, Cambridge. Implications of partitioned genetic diversity for linkage disequilibrium mapping in UK elite cereal germplasm
Leif Skot, IGER, Aberystwyth. Association mapping in forage crop grasses
Keith Edwards, University of Bristol. Progress on establishing high throughput genotyping in wheat

Session 3 Models to Crops: Chair: Gordon Simpson

Masahiro Yano, Tsukba, Japan. Uncovering genetic control of flowering time in rice
Graham Moore, JIC Norwich. Strategies leading to Ph1 discovery
Isabelle Bertin, JIC, Norwich. Cereal COS Markers

Session 4 Trait analysis: Chair: Robbie Waugh

Gustavo Slafer, University of Lleida, Spain. Do QTLs mean anything? A crop-physiology perspective
Jerome Salse, INRA Clermont-Ferrand, France. Transcriptional genetics for high-throughput QTL cloning
Simon Thain, IGER, Aberystwyth. Mapping Metabolomic Data to Genetic Information

General Discussion

Poster Session

Friday, 7th April

Session 5 Next Generation Genomics Challenges: Chair: Graham Moore

Nils Rostoks, SCRI, Dundee. Discovery and exploitation of SNP markers in barley
Julie King, IGER, Aberystwyth. Introgression mapping in the grasses Lolium perenne and Festuca pratensis
Silvia Travella, Zurich, Switzerland. RNAi for wheat functional genomics
Elana Potokina, University of Birmingham. Construction of a transcriptome map with Barley Affymetrix gene chip
Daryl Somers, Cereal Research Centre, Winnipeg, Canada. The challenge of connecting traits to genes through genomics

Session 6 Developing Country perspectives in cereal genomics: Chair: Tina Barsby

John Witcombe, CAZS, Bangor. Genomics and Developing World Agriculture
Wayne Powell, NIAB. Generation Challenge Programme

General discussion