2nd Small Grain Cereals Workshop

SCRI, Dundee, March 9 -11 2005

Participants list (pdf)


Welcome and Introduction Prof. John R. Hillman

Session 1 Genetic Analysis Chair: Bill Thomas

Daryl Somers, CRC Winnipeg, Canada
Stine Tuvesson, Svalof Weibull, Svalof, Sweden
Joanne Russell, SCRI, Dundee, UK
Luke Ramsay, SCRI, Dundee, UK

Session 2 Gene Identification Chair: Ian King

Catherine Feuillet, INRA, Clairmont-Ferrand, France. Gene isolation in the Triticeae: Strategies, successes, pitfalls and perspectives
Julie King, IGER Aberyswyth, UK
Ian Armstead, IGER, Aberswyth, UK

Session 3 Functional Genomics Chair: Keith Edwards

Quifa Zhang, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China
David Leader, Rothamsted Research. Molecular tools for yield enhancement in cereals
Gary Barker, Bristol University. In silico discovery of functional SNPs

Session 4 Models to Crops Chair: Mike Holdsworth

Dave Laurie, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK How Arabidopsis and rice help understand the control of flowering in barley
Mike Bevan, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK Plans for using Brachypodium genome sequence as a template for gene discovery in wheat, barley, forage grasses and oats
Sean May, University of Nottingham, UK What could Arabidopsis do for us
Mary Byrne, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK. Genetic control of plant shoot architecture

Session 5 GM and Alternative Uses Chair: John Snape

Tina Barsby, Biogemma, Europe
Wendy Harwood, JIC, Norwich, UK. Transgene insertion and its implications
Huw Jones, RRES, Harpenden, UK. Current status of cereal transformation technologies
Maggie Smallwood, National Non-Food Centre, UK

Session 6 Public / Private sector interactions in SGC improvement Chair: Peter Shewry

Steve Jefferies, AGT, Adelaide, South Australia
Thomas Joliffe, Advanta Seeds, UK
Mervyn Humpheys, IGER, Aberyswyth, UK

Session 7 Discussion leader: Jim Dunwell