Community Projects

QUOATS - This five year (14 September 2009 - 13 September 2014) research project (LK09124) will develop and apply state-of-the-art genomic and metabolomic tools for oat genetic improvement. Focus is on the understanding and manipulation of key traits that will enhance the value of oats in human health improvement, capitalise on the value of oats as a low input cereal, increase the environmental and economic sustainability of cereal based rotations, realise the potential of oats as a high value animal feed and develop new opportunities for using oats through advanced fractionation.

Watkins collection phenotype data from the 2006 JIC field trial - Phenotype data of the EMS mutated Paragon M5 population collected at JIC between March and August 2006- Mapping data for the Avalon x Cadenza DH population - Development and analysis of 146 Conserved Orthologous Sequence (COS) markers in Wheat, Rice and Brachypodium distachyon - Avalon and Cadenza Field Trial 2006

The BBSRC wheat breeding programme is divided into 4 pillars (Landraces, Synthetics, Alien Introgression, Elite Wheats) and 2 themes (Phenotyping and Genotyping).

The objective of the proposed programme is the development of pre-breeding germplasm, characterised for key traits, and the identification of genic markers for selecting these traits, for use both in commercial breeding programmes and for academic research.

Individual Projects

The electronic Rothamsted Archive (e-RA) provides a permanent managed database for secure storage of Rothamsted's long term experimental data. Together with the accompanying meteorological records, associated documentation and sample archive, it is an unique historical record of experiments that have been measured continuously for over 150 years. Users have easy access to experimental data and specialist background information on the effects of agricultural practices on soils, crops and associated ecosystems