2016 Monogram Network Meeting

The 2016 Monogram Network meeting will be hosted by NIAB and held in Cambridge from the 12-14th April 2016. More details to follow. Accommodation information is available now and early booking is strongly recommended: Go to Conference Site

The Monogram Network meeting is the annual get together for the small-grain cereal and grass research community. Academics, commercial scientists and plant breeders meet to hear about the latest advances, exchange ideas and discuss collaboration.

This page will be updated with the agenda, and later the talks as they become available.

Also, please consider placing an application for your students or post docs in the 4rd Monogram Early Career Excellence Awards .

Keynote Speaker – Dr Lee Hickey

Dr Lee Hickey

Over the past nine years, Dr Lee Hickey has played a pivotal role in developing 'Speed Breeding': the rapid generation advance technology for spring wheat, to achieve an impressive six plant generations annually. He now leads a research team situated within the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at UQ, Brisbane, Australia. His lab conducts genetics studies on key biotic (foliar and soil-borne diseases) and abiotic (drought and heat) factors that limit production of wheat and barley, and develops novel breeding tools and methodologies. His program routinely applies speed breeding in combination with multi-trait phenotypic screening protocols to rapidly assemble novel germplasm. He supervises 10 PhD students and collaborates with scientists around the world, including teams in Mexico, USA, Uruguay, Morocco and Russia. His impactful science is generating strong community, government and industry interest, and outcomes from his research have received wide media coverage. He loves to use social media to promote and communicate science to the public. @DrHikov

Tuesday 12th April


9am-12:30pm BBSRC Exploring Innovation Workshop (see flyer) “Progress in Intellectual Property Rights for Plant Science and Crop Breeding”

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

1:30-4pm MonoGram Cereal Bioinformatics Workshop

6-7pm See Cambridge Differently Guided sight-seeing tour of historical Cambridge city centre and colleges. Tour departs from and returns to Cambridge Market Square. Cost of £5 per person (payable on the day). Please book by email to monogram2016@niab.com



9:00am Registration and coffee

9:45am Welcome Address: Prof Andy Greenland (NIAB)

10:00am Monogram 2016 Keynote Speaker: Dr Lee Hickey Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation Chaired by Richard Summers, RAGT - SLIDES: pdf

10:45am Genetics, Genomics and Sequencing Chaired by Scott Boden (JIC) and Pauline Bansept-Basler (Syngenta)

10:45am The MAGIC maize: a multiparental population for high-power and high-definition QTL mapping in Zea mays. Invited Speaker Matteo Dell’Acqua (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa)- SLIDES: pdf

11:10am The Cer-cqu locus represents a gene cluster that regulates epicuticular wax formation in barley. Nikolai Adamski (JIC)- SLIDES: pdf

11:25am Key molecular components associated to differential phenotypes in Miscanthus. Jose DeVega (TGAC)

11:40am expVIP: expression visualisation and integration platform opens up gene expression analysis in wheat. Philippa Borrill (JIC)- SLIDES: pdf

12pm Flash presentations I Chaired by Matthew Milner (NIAB)

12:20pm Lunch and posters

1:20pm Vegetative and Reproductive Development Chaired by Sarah McKim (JHI) and Ed Byrne (KWS)

1:20pm Heading for better times? Invited Speaker Simon Griffiths (JIC)

1:45pm VRS3: A means of improving grain uniformity in six-rowed barley? Hazel Bull (The James Hutton Institute)

2:00pm Grain development on quality parameters in oats. Maria Jose Pilar Martinez-Martin (IBERS) - SLIDES: pdf

2:15pm Investigating the role of YABBY genes in the evolution and development of temperate grasses. Syabira Yusoff (University of Leicester) - SLIDES: pdf

2:30pm Flash presentations II Chaired by Charlotte Hayes (Elsoms)

2:45pm Coffee and poster session

4:00pm Translating Plant Science Research into Practice Chaired by Luke Ramsay (JHI) and Matt Kerton (DSV)

4:00pm Translating plant science to meet the needs of millers. Invited Speaker Mervin Poole (Heygates) - SLIDES: pdf

4:25pm Clipping Crop Genes: RNA-guided Cas9 nuclease induces heritable mutations in barley and Brassica oleracea. Oluwaseyi Shorinola (JIC) - SLIDES: pdf

4:40pm EC decision on gene editing and other new biotechnologies; what does it mean for researchers and plant breeders? Huw Jones (IBERS) - SLIDES: pdf

5:00pm proWeizen – the German wheat research and breeding alliance. Tanja Gerjets (GFPi)

5:10pm iPlant Collaborative UK. Ritesh Krishna (iPlantUK)

5:15pm Indo-UK Centre for the improvement of Nitrogen use Efficiency in Wheat (INEW). Till Pellny (Rothamsted Research) - SLIDES: pdf

5:30pm Clare College Fellows Gardens open to MonoGram guests until 6:30pm (see map)

7:30pm Three-course Conference Dinner – Pembroke College
After-dinner talk from Professor Sir David Baulcombe.
After-party in Pembroke College bar.



9:00am Genetic diversity for breeding Chaired by Surbhi Grewal (Nottingham) and Simon Berry (Limagrain)

9:00am The exploitation of interspecific genetic variation for wheat improvement. Invited Speaker Julie King (University of Nottingham)

9:25am Deep rooting in a wheat doubled haploid population with introgression from wild emmer. Christina Clarke (University of Reading) - SLIDES: pdf

9:40am Can we capture advantageous traits from tetraploid wheat? Fiona Leigh (NIAB) - SLIDES: pdf

9:55am Wheat genome diversity determined from bi-parental genetic maps. Luzie Wingen (JIC) - SLIDES: pdf

10:10am Genome-wide association mapping of grain micronutrients concentration in Aegilops tauschii with Genotyping-by-sequencing approach. Sanu Arora (JIC)

10:30am Coffee and poster session

11am Monogram Early Career Excellence Award presentations Chaired by MECEA laureates Sacha Allen (Bristol) and Chris Burt (RAGT)

11:00am PhD award - SLIDES: pdf

11:25am PDRA award - SLIDES: pdf

11:50am Grain quality, industrial biotech and new markets Chaired by Alison Lovegrove (Rothamsted) and Mervin Poole (Heygates)

11:50am Breeding for reduced sensitivity of grain quality to environmental fluctuations. Invited Speaker Bill Thomas (The James Hutton Institute) - SLIDES: pdf

12:10pm Causes and control of grain skinning in malting barley. Steve Hoad (SRUC)

12:25pm Breaking down the (Plant Cell) walls. Kelly Houston (The James Hutton Institute) - SLIDES: pdf

12:40pm Manipulating gibberellin levels in developing wheat grain for improved yield and quality. Aakriti Wanchoo-Kohl (Rothamsted Research)

1:00pm Lunch and posters

2:00pm Pathology & Biotic Stress Chaired by Brande Wulff (JIC) and Ruth Bryant (RAGT)

2:00pm Wheat resistance to FHB and STB disease. Invited Speaker Fiona Doohan (University College Dublin)

2:25pm Dual specificity to barley powdery mildew and wheat yellow rust at the Mla locus. Inmaculada Hernadez-Pinzon (The Sainsbury Laboratory) - SLIDES: pdf

2:40pm PST... recent insights in European yellow rust populations which have been revealed with RNAseq. Clare Lewis (JIC) - SLIDES: pdf

2:55pm Defining candidate Resistance genes in wheat alien introgressions by Resistance gene enrichment sequencing. Deepika Narang (JIC)

3:10pm Crowd sourcing or the art of volunteering in cereal pathology. Franziska Fischer (NIAB)

3:30pm Coffee and poster session

4:00pm Abiotic stress Chaired by Eric Ober (NIAB) and Nick Gosman (Bayer CropScience)

4:00pm Progress in genomics applications in investigating abiotic stresses influencing perennial forage and biomass grasses. Invited Speaker Susanne Barth (Teagasc) - SLIDES: pdf

4:25pm Unlocking the Potential of Endophytes in Cereal Crops. Brian Murphy (Trinity College Dublin) - SLIDES: pdf

4:40pm Searching for Heat Stress Tolerant Traits in Wheat. Henry Barber (University of Reading) - SLIDES: pdf

5:00pm PhD student and post-doc (5 years from PhD) Poster Prize winners announced and meeting closes