2015 Monogram Network Meeting

The 2015 Monogram Network Meeting will be held at the new conference facility at Rothamsted Research, 29th April - 1st May

The Monogram Network meeting is the annual get together for the small-grain cereal and grass research community. Academics, commercial scientists and plant breeders meet to hear about the latest advances, exchange ideas and discuss collaboration.

Also, please consider placing an application for your students or post docs in the 3rd Monogram Early Career Excellence Awards (2015 MECEA) before 27th March

Sessions this year will address the following topics:

  • New technologies in breeding (genomic selection, hybrids, phenotyping platforms)
  • New technologies in breeding (reverse genetics: genome editing, TILLING by sequencing)
  • Update on big UK and international projects
  • Quality (cereal grain, forage and pasture)
  • Abiotic stress (drought, temperature)
  • Biotic stress

Keynote speaker: Professor Jesse Poland, Kansas State University, USA

Shoud be an exciting meeting so we hope to see you there!

For further information regarding the Conference, including registration, a draft programme and abstract submission, please visit the conference website.

Conference Programme

Wednesday 29th April

10:30 - 12:30 Bioinformatics Workshop: Chair: Cristobal Uauy (JIC) - SLIDES: pdf

12:30 - 13:20 Lunch

13:20 - 13:40 Welcome (Achim Dobermann, Director, RRES)

13:40 - 15:50 Session 1. New technologies in breeding (phenotyping) - Chair: Malcolm Hawkesford (RRES), ECR Chair: Anyela Camargo-Rodriguez (IBERS)

13:40 - O1.1 Invited speaker: Ben Niehaus (Lemnatec) "Automating multisensor phenotyping on a field scale"

14:05 - O1.2 Alison Bentley (NIAB) "Linking field and high-throughput phenotypes for wheat improvement" - SLIDES: pdf

14:25 - O1.3 Anyela Camargo (IBERS) "Modelling the senescence pathway in wheat" - SLIDES: pdf

14:45 - O1.4 Phil Howell (NIAB) "The systematic development and interrogation of novel pre-breeding germplasm" - SLIDES: pdf

15:05 - O1.5 Tracy Valentine (JHI) "Root phenotyping systems: contrasting controlled environment ex situ and in the field systems" - SLIDES: pdf

15:25 - Flash presentations for posters P1.1 - P5.7

15:50 - 16:10 Coffee/tea

16:10 - 18:20 Session 2. New technologies in breeding (reverse genetics: genome editing/TILLING by sequencing) - Chair: Huw Jones (RRES), ECR Chair: Ksenia Krasileva (TSL/TGAC)

16:10 - O2.1 Invited speaker: Cyril Zipfel (TSL) "Use of pattern recognition receptors to engineer broad-spectrum disease resistance in crops"

16:35 - O2.2 Wendy Harwood (JIC) "Barley as a model for cereal engineering and genome editing" - SLIDES: pdf

16:55 - O2.3 James Simmonds (JIC) "A mutation in TaGW2-A increases thousand grain weight in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat" - SLIDES: pdf

17:15 - O2.4 Scott Boden (JIC) "Spikelet development and inflorescence architecture in wheat" - SLIDES: pdf

17:35 - O2.5 Ksenia Krasileva (TSL/TGAC) "Sequencing wheat TILLING populations brings a revolution to functional analyses of wheat genes"

17:55 - Flash presentations for posters P5.8 - P8.9

18:20 - Session ends

18:30 - 19:30 Monogram Committee meeting

18:30 - 20:30 Poster session sponsored by LemnaTec.

Coaches to Premier Inn, St Albans and Aubrey Park Hotel will depart from the Conference Centre coach bay at 20:45

Thursday 30th April

9:00 - 11:00 Session 3. New technologies in breeding (genomic selection/hybrids) - Chair: Donal O'Sullivan (Univ Reading), ECR Chair: Alison Bentley (NIAB)

9:00 - O3.1 Keynote speaker: Jesse Poland (KSU, USA) "Phenomics is the new genomics: accelerating genetic gain in wheat breeding"- SLIDES: pdf

9:45 - O3.2 Friedrich Longin (Univ Hohenheim, Germany) "Hybrid wheat: heterosis and optimum breeding strategies"- SLIDES: pdf

10:15 - O3.3 Harriet Benbow (Univ Bristol) "Dissecting the genetic control of grain weight in elite UK wheat germplasm"- SLIDES: pdf

10:30 - O3.4 Keith Gardner (NIAB) "Generation of a high density genetic linkage map for wheat using an eight-founder MAGIC population"- SLIDES: pdf

10:45 - O3.5 Urmilla Devi (Univ Nottingham) "Introgression lines of Triticum timopheevii in cultivated wheat background and mapping of useful genes using SNP markers" - SLIDES: pdf

11:00 - 11:20 Coffee/tea

11:20 - 13:05 Session 4. UK and international big projects update - Chair: Tina Barsby (NIAB), ECR Chair: Sacha Allen (Univ Bristol)

11:20 - O4.1 Invited speaker: Graham Moore (JIC) "A review of BBSRC's wheat pre-breeding programme (WISP) and international wheat activities"- SLIDES: pdf

11:45 - O4.2 Jesse Poland (KSU, USA) "Overview and update on US wheat research" - SLIDES: pdf

12:05 - O4.3 David Marshall (JHI) "The SeeDs of Discovery project - mobilising genetic resources"

12:25 - MECEA 2015 PhD student awardee - SLIDES: pdf

12:45 - MECEA 2015 Post-doc awardee - SLIDES: pdf

13:05– 14:10 Lunch

14:10 - 15:55 Session 5. Quality - Chair: Peter Shewry (RRES), ECR Chair: Kelly Houston (JHI)

14:10 - O5.1 Invited speaker: Alison Kingston-Smith (IBERS) "Improving the nutritive quality of forage crops for ruminants" - SLIDES: pdf

14:35 - O5.2 Sofia Kourmpetli (Univ Leicester) "The role of transcription factors in regulating aspects of grain quality in wheat and related grasses" - SLIDES: pdf

14:55 - O5.3 Jemma Brinton (JIC) "Deciphering the molecular mechanisms controlling grain length and width in wheat"- SLIDES: pdf

15:15 - O5.4 Miriam Schreiber (JHI) "Identification of genes involved in β-glucan synthesis"- SLIDES: pdf

15:35 - O5.5 Andy Phillips (RRES) "Manipulating grain colour in wheat to investigate coat-imposed dormancy"- SLIDES: pdf

15:55-16:15 - Coffee/tea

16: 15 - 18:00 Session 6. Abiotic stress (temperature) - Chair: Zoe Wilson (Univ Nottingham), ECR Chair: Laura Dixon (JIC)

16:15 - O6.1 Invited speaker: Mike Gooding (IBERS)- SLIDES: pdf

16:40 - O6.2 Peter Mark (Univ Reading) "The effect of heat stress on wheat pollen development: a multi-faceted approach"- SLIDES: pdf

17:00 - O6.3 Tracie Draeger (JIC) "Effects of high temperature on meiosis and seed set in hexaploid wheat"- SLIDES: pdf

17:20 - O6.4 Luke Ramsay (JHI) "The effect of temperature on the male and female recombination landscape of barley"- SLIDES: pdf

17:40 - O6.5 Matt Audley (RRES) "Understanding the role of gibberellin signalling in wheat anther development during heat stress"- SLIDES: pdf

18:00 - Session ends

18:20 - Broadbalk tour

19:00 - 22:00* Pre-dinner drinks at Rothamsted Manor, dinner in Lewis Hall

Friday 1st May

9:00 - 10:45 - Session 7. Abiotic stress (drought, salinity) - Chair: Richard Summers (RAGT), ECR Chair: Csilla Nemeth (Univ Nottingham)

9:00 - O7.1 Invited speaker: John Foulkes (Univ Nottingham) "Identifying and exploiting traits for transpiration efficiency and drought tolerance in adapted and ancestral wheat germplasm"- SLIDES: pdf

9:25 - O7.2 Jonathan Atkinson (Univ Nottingham) "Phenotyping pipeline reveals major seedling root growth QTL in hexaploid wheat"- SLIDES: pdf

9:45 - O7.3 Larry York (Univ Nottingham) "Integration of root phenes revealed by intensive phenotyping of root system architecture and anatomy in cereals"- SLIDES: pdf

10:05 - O7.4 Joanne Russell (JHI) "New insights into barley diversity, adaptation and selection using exome capture and sequencing"- SLIDES: pdf

10:25 - O7.5 Amelia Frizell-Armitage (JIC) "Should we breed Iw1 into UK wheat?"- SLIDES: pdf

10:45 - 11:10 Coffee/tea

11:10 - 12:55 Session 8. Biotic stress - Chair: Pietro Spanu (Imperial College, London), ECR Chair: Wing-Sham Lee (RRES)

11:10 - O8.1 Invited speaker: Richard Oliver (Curtin University, Australia) "Exploitation of necrotrophic effectors to improve crop protection"- SLIDES: pdf

11:35 - O8.2 Rachel Goddard (JIC) "Avoiding trade-off when enhancing Fusarium head blight resistance of barley"- SLIDES: pdf

11:55 - O8.3 Gia Aradottir (RRES) "Searching for insect resistance in wheat"- SLIDES: pdf

12:15 - O8.4 Sarah Holdgate (NIAB) "Recent changes in the UK wheat yellow and brown rust populations"- SLIDES: pdf

12:35 - O8.5 Ruth Le Fevre (TSL) "Plant traits underpinning microbial colonisation in barley"- SLIDES: pdf

12:55 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - Conference ends