2013 Monogram Network Meeting


The conference took place in the Unversity of Dundee's Dalhousie Building

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Programme Outline

PDFs of the slides are provided when possible

Session 1. Genome sequences (Chair Mario Caccamo - TGAC)

  1. Ian Armstead (IBERS): ‘Lolium genome’ - PDF
  2. Cristobal Uauy (JIC): ‘Wheat genome exome capture’ - PDF
  3. Bernardo Clavijo (TGAC): ‘Assemblies for complex crops’- PDF
  4. Burkhard Steuernagel (TSL, burkhard.steuernagel@sainsbury-laboratory.ac.uk): ‘Aegilops sharonensis’- PDF
  5. David Marshall (JHI), David.Marshall@hutton.ac.uk ): ‘Barley’- PDF

Session 2. Models to Crop (Chair Sarah McKim - Dundee)

  1. Paul Nicholson (JIC, paul.nicholson@jic.ac.uk ): Rht- a rheostat for growth and defence - PDF
  2. Monika Zwirek (Dundee, m.zwirek@dundee.ac.uk ): Improving barley straw for bioenergy applications - PDF
  3. James Higgins. Manipulating meiotic recombination in Barley. - PDF
  4. Steve Thomas : Gibberellin signalling: a pathway towards wheat improvement - PDF

Session 3. High throughput genotyping (Chair Keith Edwards - Bristol)

  1. Catherine Howard (IBER: cnh@aber.ac.uk): Development of markers associated with traits of agronomic importance in oats (15 minutes plus 5 for questions) - PDF
  2. Joanne Russell (James Hutton Institute - JHI): Genetic diversity and environmental niche modelling of wild barley in the Fertile Crescent and Central Asia - PDF
  3. Sacha Allen (Bristol) High throughput genotyping in wheat, aliens and progenitors (15 minutes plus 5 for questions) - PDF
  4. Donal O’sullivan (NIAB): Associating SNPs to phenotypes in the UK elite wheat gene pool (15 minutes plus 5 for questions) - PDF
  5. What next for high throughput genotyping? 10 minutes discussion on the future prospects for genotyping (Chair led).

Session 4. What are we missing by not adopting GM ? (Chair Andy Greenland NIAB)

  1. Aurelie Huser (BASF) – “What are we missing – an industry perspective”
  2. Emma Wallington (NIAB) – “State of the art GM technologies” - PDF
  3. Brande Wulff (Two Blades Group, TSL) – Cloning disease resistance genes for crop improvement. - PDF
  4. Panel Discussion – Speakers plus special guests

Session 5. Understanding/exploiting biodiversity (Chair Julie King - Nottingham)

  1. Andy Flavell (Dundee) - Barley genomic biodiversity - PDF.
  2. Csilla Nemeth (Nottingham), - Mining new diversity for wheat through the introgression of ancestral species. - PDF.
  3. Tim Langdon (Aberystwyth, ttl@aber.ac.uk) - Diversity in wild and domesticated Avena.- PDF.
  4. Simon Griffiths (JIC), - Do landraces contain new, useful genes for wheat breeding? - PDF.
  5. Boo Lewis Crops with cancer: Mismatch repair in bread wheat. - PDF.

Session 6. Future trends/current funding (Chair John Doonan (IBERS, john.doonan@aber.ac.uk )

  1. John Hicky (CIMMYT): Phenotyping and genotyping strategies for genomic selection in plant breeding programs - PDF.
  2. Alan Gay (Aberystwyth) National Plant Phenomics Centre: an update - PDF
  3. Stephanie Race (Race Agriculture Ltd) In-Season Wheat and Potato Phenotyping for Breeding and Agronomy Applications
  4. Grégoire Hummel (Phenospex B. V.) PlantEye - a novel Sensor Platform for automated Plant Phenotyping - PDF
  5. Calum Murray (TSB) Technology Strategy Board – Supporting Innovation in AgriFood - - PDF

In addition an innovation for this meeting will be the awarding of the first Monogram Early Career Award to an early career scientist in cereal/grass research .  This award is an innovation agreed by the Monogram steering committee to encourage and recognise the individuals who will form our community in the future. 

  • Christopher Burt (JIC):‘All-round’ eyespot resistance in wheat - PDF"

General Information

JHI - CraigieButlerThe next Monogram Network Meeting will be held in Dundee on 18th-19th April 2013 hosted jointly by the University of Dundee and the James Hutton Institute (Registration is now closed) .  

This year the Monogram Network Meeting is running immediately after the meeting of UK Plant Science ( http://www.plantsci2013.org.uk/ ) which will be held in the same venue, the University Dalhousie Lecture Theatre, on 16th-17th April. 

In order to facilitate the interchange between the UK Plant Science and Monogram meetings, Dundee University will be hosting a ‘Discovery Lecture’ on the afternoon of 17th April that will be open to delegates from both meetings.  The talk, entitled "Feeding the world: recipes from the bread wheat genome", will be given by Catherine Feuillet, the Research Director of the wheat research group at INRA Clermont-Ferrand. 

The Monogram Network Meeting will therefore run officially from 8.50am 18th April through til 13.30 19th April but we hope many delegates will come earlier for either the UK Plant Sciences meeting or at least for Catherine Feuillet’s talk at 16:30 17th April.
The programme will be divided into six chaired sessions and includes a poster session as well as the meeting dinner (link to programme?).  



Dundee Organising Committee

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  • Claire Halpin (University of Dundee)
  • Kim Malherbe (James Hutton Institute)
  • June Matthew (University of Dundee)
  • Luke Ramsay (James Hutton Institute)
  • Sarah Robertson (James Hutton Institute)
  • Robbie Waugh (James Hutton Institute& University of Dundee)