2012 Monogram Network Workshop

General Information

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Aberystwyth Organizing Group: Organizing Committee

  • Ian Armstead (ipa@aber.ac.uk),
  • Iain Donnison (isd@aber.ac.uk),
  • John Doonan (jhd2@aber.ac.uk),
  • Matt Hegarty (ayh@aber.ac.uk),
  • Catherine Howarth (cnh@aber.ac.uk),
  • Glyn Jenkins (gmj@aber.ac.uk),
  • Caron Jones (clj15@aber.ac.uk), TEL: 01970 823095
  • Luis Mur (lum@aber.ac.uk),

Programme Outline

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DAY 1 - Monday 26th March 2012

  • 1.30-2.00pm Registration & Refreshments

Session 1 - Breeding Methodologies & Genotyping Tools : 2.00 - 5.00pm

  • 2.00pm Welcome from Professor Wayne Powell, Director of IBERS
  • 2.10pm Introductory Talk on Food Security by Sir Emyr Jones Parry (President of Aberystwyth University)
  • 2.40pm RNA-seq transcriptome analysis of flowering time and vernalization response in perennial ryegrass: Gene identification, polymorphism discovery and differential gene expression for association analysis and marker-assisted selection Dr. Torben Asp (Aarhus University- Denmark)
  • 3.00pm Generation of targeted varietal SNP markers in wheat Dr Gary Barker (University of Bristol)
  • 3.20pm Sequence analysis of the hexaploid wheat genome reveals patterns of homoeologous gene expression Dr Lindsey Leach (University of Oxford)
  • 3.40pm BREAK
  • 4.10pm Variation in flowering time at the Wheat PPD Locus Dr. Nick Gosman (NIAB) (10 minutes)
  • 4.20pm A pipeline for rapid cloning of stem rust resistance genes effective against Ug99 from wild diploid wheat relatives Dr Nicholas Champouret (The Sainsburys Laboratory)
  • 4.30pm Population genetic structure of Miscanthus sinensis Dr Gancho Slavov (IBERS)
  • 4.50pm Towards the understanding of the 6A yield QTL in Spark x Rialto Dr Cristobal Uauy (John Innes Centre)
  • 5.30pm Conference closes - buses will collect delegates at 5.45pm
  • 6.00-7.30pm Monogram Steering Committee Meeting

DAY 2 - Tuesday 27th March 2012

Session 2 - High Throughput and Genetic Resources/Phenotyping : 9.30am - 12.40pm

  • 9.30am Taking Miscanthus from the wild to a crop Dr John Clifton-Brown (IBERS)
  • 9.50am The ‘WAGTAIL’ Wheat Association Genetics Platform Dr. Donal O'Sullivan (NIAB)
  • 10.10am Comparative Grain Development in Temperate Cereals Dr Sinead Drea (University of Leicester)
  • 10.30am Microscopy-based quantitative analysis of nonhost resistance in Brachypodium distachyon to cereal rusts Dr Matthew Moscou (The Sainsburys Laboratory)
  • 10.50am BREAK
  • 11.20am Why size matters: Grain shape analysis in Avena sativa L Dr Irene Griffiths (IBERS)
  • 11.40am Marker assisted plant breeding on a genome wide scale Dr Leif Skot (IBERS)
  • 12.00noon Waking-up to the potential of Festulolium Dr Mike Humphreys (IBERS)
  • 12.20pm Effect of temperature on wheat resistance to yellow rust Miss Ruth Bryant (John Innes Centre)
  • 12.40pm LUNCH

Session 3 - Value Chains and Quality Traits: 1.40pm - 5.00pm

  • 1.40pm Improving barley straw for biofuel production Prof. Claire Halpin (University of Dundee)
  • 2.00pm Manipulation of arabinoxylan synthesis in wheat starchy endosperm to change viscosity properties of flour extracts Dr. Jackie Freeman (Rothamsted Research)
  • 2.20pm Aspects of feed quality that influence ruminant productivity, product composition, and pollutant outputs Dr. Jon Moorby (IBERS)
  • 2.40pm INT-A and its influence on the lateral florets of barley Miss Hazel Bull (James Hutton Institute)
  • 3.00pm BREAK
  • 3.30pm Perennial ryegrass - an alternative feedstock for biorefining Dr Joe Gallagher (IBERS)
  • 3.50pm Non-food biomass streams for fuels and chemicals Dr Roger Ibbett (University of Nottingham)
  • 4.10pm The European forage seed industry Dr Peter Wilkins (Germinal Holdings)
  • 4.30pm IBERS New Phenomics Facility and Opportunities for Access Mr Alan Gay
  • 4.45pm Depart for Tour of Phenomics Centre, Gogerddan
  • 6.00pm Buses return delegates to hotels

DAY 3 - Wednesday 27th March

Session 4 - International Development and International Collaborative Projects : 9.30am - 12.00noon

Maps, Directions and Miscellani

Conference Contact: Caron Jones (clj15@aber.ac.uk), TEL: 01970 823095
Location: The MeDrus Conference Centre
Aberystwyth University
SY23 3BY
Access Map: Maps and Directions