2011 Monogram Network Workshop

General Information

Registration form: Please print the registration form and post to
Mrs Susan Golds,
Division of Plant & Crop Sciences,
University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus,
Loughborough, Leics
LE12 5RD, UK
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Programme Organizing Committee

  • Keith Edwards (Univ Bristol)
  • John Foulkes (Univ Nottingham)
  • Sue Golds (Univ Nottingham)
  • Claire Halpin (Univ Dundee)
  • Mike Holdsworth (Univ Nottingham)
  • Donal O'Sullivan (NIAB)
  • Rumiana Ray (Univ Nottingham)

Programme Outline

program as PDF

Monday 11 April

Workshops opens 14.00

  • 13.00 Arrive and lunch
  • 14.00 Welcome and Introduction - Jeremy Roberts (Head of School of Biosciencies, Univ Nottingham)
  • 14.30 Session I: Identification and exploitation of novel genetic variation/mining new sequence information/breeding technologies: Chair Keith Edwards (University Bristol)
    • 14.00 : Jeremy Roberts (Univ Nottingham) - Welcome and introduction
    • 14.10 : Ian King (Univ Nottingham) - Alien introgression in wheat
    • 14.30 : Malcolm Bennett (Univ Nottingham) - Centre for Plant Integrative Biology perspectives
    • 14.55 : Andy Phillips (RRes) - Multiple platforms for TILLING in mutagenised populations of wheat
    • 15.20 : Sacha Allen (Univ Bristol) - Genome-wide SNP discovery and mapping in UK wheat varieties
    • 15.35 : Ed Wilhelm (NIAB) - Genetic Diversity of the Group IV Rht Loci in Wheat
    • 15.50 : Kelly Houston (SCRI) - SNP genotyping assays for mapping genes in barley
    • 16.05 - 16.35 Tea break
    • 16.35 : Wing Sham Lee (RRes) - Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) system for functional genomics studies in wheat and related cereals
    • 16.50 : Fiona Leigh (NIAB) - The Smart Carbohydrate Centre, novel starch in a normal background
    • 17.05 : Tanja Gerjets (INRA) - Map-based cloning of SKr, a major QTL involved in crossability of wheat with rye
    • 17.20 : Cristobal Uauy (JIC) - Combining SNP discovery from next-generation sequencing data with Bulked Segregant Analysis (BSA) to fine-map genes in polyploid wheat
    • 17.40 : David Marshall (SCRI) - Tools and technologies for the discovery and quantify of DNA sequence variation in cereals
  • 18.00 Poster Session - Rushcliffe Restaurant
  • 19.00 Dinner in the Rushcliffe Restaurant

Tuesday 12 April

  • 7.45-8.45 Breakfast - Rushcliffe Restaurant
    • 9.00 Session II: Bioenergy: optimising biomass and composition: Chair Claire Halpin (Univ Dundee)
      • 9.00 : Ana Winters (IBERS) - High sugar ryegrass as a temperate sugar cane
      • 9.25 : Elaine Jensen (IBERS) - Balancing yield and quality characteristics in Miscanthus
      • 9.40 : Jackie Freeman (RRes) - Cell wall feruloylation and expression of putative feruloyl transferase genes in Brachypodium distachyon and wheat
      • 10.00 : Paul Daly (Univ Dundee) - The brown midrib story in barley - manipulating lignin biosynthesis to improve the efficiency of biofuel production
      • 10.20 : Johar Roy (Univ Nottingham) - Wheat straw strength and digestibility
      • 10.40 - 11.10 Coffee - Harpers Bar
      • 11.10 : Leonardo Gomez (Univ York) Investigating biomass digestibility in Brachypodium distachyon
      • 11.35 : Paul Wilson (Univ Nottingham) Farm systems assessments of bioenergy
      • 12.00 : Bill Thomas (JHI) The Green Grain Project
    • 12.30 Lunch – Rushcliffe Restaurant
    • 13.30 Session III: High resolution plant/crop phenomics for agronomic traits, linking phenotype to genotype (Chair John Foulkes)
      • 13.30 : Kerstin Nagel (Juelich Plant Phenomics Centre, Germany) - The Juelich Plant Phenotyping Centre (JPPC) platform at Forschungszentrum Jülich
      • 13.55 : John Doonan (IBERS) - Development of high throughput plant phenotyping facilities at Aberystwyth
      • 14.20 : Pete Berry (ADAS) - Field based phenotyping for agronomic traits
      • 14.45 : Martin Parry (RRes) - Feedback from Field Phenotyping Workshop at Rothamsted 1-2 Feb 2011
    • 15.00 - 15.30 Tea break
    • Session IV: Resource-use: water, nitrogen and yield: Chair John Foulkes (Univ Nottingham)
      • 15.30 : Gustavo Slafer (University Lleida, Spain) - Fine-tuning phenology to improve spike fertility and yield in barley and wheat
      • 15.55 : Jordi Comadran (SCRI) - Mixed model association scans of multi-trial data reveal major loci for yield and yield related traits in barley
      • 16.20 : Adinda Derkx (RRes - Univ Nottingham) - Enhancing NUE and yield with stay-green phenotypes in wheat
      • 16.35 : Gracia Ribas Vargas (Univ Nottingham) - Enhancing fertility and yield in UK wheat using novel material from Mexico
      • 16.50 : Mike Grimmer (ADAS) - Disease, Resistance and water-use efficiency
      • 17.05 : Daniel Kindred (ADAS) - Genetic variation in determinants of N efficiency in Northern European wheat varieties
      • 17.30 : Session closes
    • 18.00 - 19.00 Monogram Steering Group Meeting- Committee Room
    • 19.30 Workshop Dinner at Sutton Bonington Campus

    Wednesday 13 April

    • 7.45-8.45 Breakfast – Rushcliffe Restaurant
    • Session V: Gene discovery for improved resistance to pathogens and pests: Chair Donal O‘Sullivan (NIAB)
      • 9.00 : Chris Ridout (JIC) - New insights into partial resistance: pattern-triggered immunity in cereals
      • 9.20 : Brande Wulff (TSL) - Using a wild wheat relative to tackle Ug99 stem rust
      • 9.40 : Pauline Bansept (NIAB) - Genome-wide association genetics of resistance to wheat yellow rust
      • 10.00 : Anna Gordon (NIAB) - Zooming in on the ergot-wheat interaction
      • 10.15 : Mansoor Saqi (RRes) - The Pathogen Host Interaction Database, PHI-base: New Developments
      • 10.30 : Rumiana Ray (Univ Nottingham) - Where physiology meets pathology: detecting biotic stress and traits for disease escape
    • 10.45 - 11.15 Coffee break – Harpers Bar
    • Session VI: Horizon scanning, future research directions: Chair Mike Holdsworth (Univ Nottingham)
      • 11.15 : Richard Summers (RAGT) - Traits for raising yield potential in wheat
      • 11.40 : Graham Moore (JIC) - The ‘Wheat Pre-breeding’ project (LOLA /WISP)
      • 11.55 : Andy Phillips (RRes) - Investigating the role of flavonoid biosynthesis in coat-imposed dormancy to facilitate the breeding of white-grained varieties of wheat
      • 12.10 : Anthony Hall (Univ Liverpool) - Developing next generation genetic tools for wheat breeding
      • 12.25 : Nathalie Castells - (RRes) Building tools for the monogram community
    • 12.50 Lunch and Departure

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